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 About the Author
Patrick T. Sheehan is a former Special Assistant United States Attorney with the Internal Revenue Service, Office of Chief Counsel. He litigated extensively in Federal Court including the United States Tax Court. While an attorney for the IRS, Mr. Sheehan recommended the acceptance or 
rejection of Offers in Compromise at the IRS District Counsel level. Mr. Sheehan formerly taught at Loyola University Chicago School of Law and served as the Director of the Loyola Student Federal Tax Clinic from 1991 to 1999. Mr. Sheehan was also sworn into the United States Supreme 
Court Bar in 2007. He is the founder of the tax resolution firm IRS Trouble Solvers and is the author of 5 best-selling books about tax resolution. 
Patrick is a master at leading with value, overdelivering for his clients, closing sales and commanding fees commensurate with his experience, and his IRS Transcript Monitoring Program (TMP) is an example of that. Not only does it provide much needed post-settlement peace of mind for clients, it affords the practitioner monthly passive income to the bottom line which is unheard of in a tax, accounting or law practice. 
-- Michael Rozbruch, CPA, CTRS

“5 Stars! I love the idea of generating passive income using a product I’m already using (PitBull)! Leave it to Patrick to help his colleagues understand how to more effectively position ourselves as the true experts! This is well written, easy to understand, and is a missed opportunity if you don’t implement this immediately. This is the best business investment I’ve seen in a long time. I’m stunned with how brilliant this is!” 
-- Len Nelms, CPA

“I am AMAZED at this program. I am in tax resolution, and I have been looking for a program like this for a long time. This program will help me expand my company from a “one time” sales firm into a “passive income” that is ongoing from a monthly basis. This program is SUPER SIMPLE to put into place, and it will even update me BEFORE the IRS contacts my client. I know that it will add peace of mind to my clients! I am putting this into practice NOW!!!”
-- Ben Golden, President / CEO

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IRS Transcript Monitoring Program®?

The IRS Transcript Monitoring Program® (TMP) teaches tax resolution practitioners and tax return preparers a “secret” way to monetize their subscriptions to PitBull Tax or THS by monitoring their clients’ IRS transcripts of account for any changes made by the IRS. You can earn up to $100.00 or more per tax resolution client per month using the TMP. You will earn a regular, substantial passive income from your already existing tax resolution and accounting clients. At IRS Trouble Solvers®, we currently earn over $60,000.00 per year using the TMP!

Who created the IRS Transcript Monitoring Program®?

Former IRS Attorney Patrick T. Sheehan founded IRS Trouble Solvers® over 30 years ago and has helped thousands of individuals and businesses permanently solve their IRS problems. Mr. Sheehan pioneered the TMP by using PitBull and THS to earn additional income from his already existing tax resolution clients both during the resolution phase and, most importantly, AFTER THEIR CASES WERE RESOLVED. The TMP worked so well at IRS Trouble Solvers® that Mr. Sheehan wrote the “Guide to the IRS Transcript Monitoring Program®” to teach other tax professionals this “secret” way to not only continue to protect their clients from the IRS, but also to earn a steady stream of passive income. Mr. Sheehan is a nationally recognized educator and tax resolution expert who has authored 5 books on tax resolution. Mr. Sheehan’s books are even housed in the Library of Congress!

How does the IRS TMP work?

The IRS TMP will teach you how to:
• Sell IRS transcript monitoring services to your existing clients and get paid for it

• Program PitBull and THS to regularly look for changes in your clients’ IRS transcripts of account and to alert you to those changes

• Communicate those changes to your clients

• Charge for the additional services your clients may need.

The TMP will help you protect your clients from the IRS and help you earn more money from your already existing clients EVEN AFTER THEIR CASES HAVE BEEN RESOLVED.

What is included in the IRS Transcript Monitoring Program® package? 

Subscribers get instant digital access to the exclusive IRS TMP Membership Site. In it you will find the full library of materials that will teach you how to immediately implement the TMP in your practice and start making money right away. The membership site includes the expanded second edition of “The Guide to the IRS Transcript Monitoring Program®”, 17 done-for-you Word documents including an Engagement Letter, the sales script to sell the TMP to your clients, sample emails to your clients for when you receive an alert, and a complete video library for either PitBull or THS subscribers. 

Is the IRS TMP one of those audit protection or insurance programs?

The IRS TMP is NOT an audit protection or insurance program, not even close! All audit protection products are static, reactive programs and do nothing to actively protect your clients from the IRS. The IRS TMP is an active program that will help you protect your clients from the IRS on a daily basis and will detect changes to your clients’ accounts, including an audit, OFTEN BEFORE THE IRS NOTICES SHOW UP IN THE MAIL.

How much does the IRS TMP cost?

The IRS Transcript Monitoring Program® has a value of over $8,627.00 and normally sells for $1,997.00. But for only a VERY LIMITED TIME, the special webinar price is only $997.00.

How successful is the TMP and how long does it take to implement?

Tax resolution practitioners and preparers from all over the country are making a substantial, regular passive income from their already existing clients using the IRS TMP. I regularly hear my customers say that they sold the TMP to their clients within minutes of subscribing to the TMP. At IRS Trouble Solvers®, we currently earn over $60,000.00 per year using the IRS TMP. You can earn up to $100.00 per month or more from each and every one of your existing tax resolution clients, even after their case is resolved!

Does the IRS TMP come with a guarantee?

There are TWO money back guarantees!

1) If you purchase the IRS TMP and don’t like it for any reason, there is a 30-day NO QUESTIONS ASKED money back guarantee. 

2) If you carefully follow and properly use the IRS TMP and do not earn at least $1,200.00 during the first 12 months, we will REFUND YOUR PURCHASE PRICE! We have taken all of the risk off of the table.

What computer programs do I need to use the TMP?

You need access to the IRS Transcript Delivery System and a subscription to PitBull or the Executive Version of THS. At IRS Trouble Solvers®, we use both. If you don’t already have a subscription to PitBull, use the discount code SHEEHAN to save 10%. If you don’t already have a subscription to THS, use the discount code PAT10 to save 10%.

How hard is it to sell the TMP to my clients?

It’s EASY to sell the IRS TMP to your clients in person, over the phone or in writing, and we teach you how! Even if you do not like to sell, the TMP will teach you how. You will be amazed at how much your clients will happily pay you for the comfort of knowing that you are protecting them from the IRS by enrolling them in your own IRS transcript monitoring program.

What if I want both the PitBull and THS versions of the IRS TMP?

If you want both the PitBull AND THS versions of the IRS TMP, check the box on the order form and only pay an additional $297.00 for both programs! We use both versions at IRS Trouble Solvers®.

I’m on the fence! What kind of extra bonuses do I get if I purchase the IRS TMP today?

In addition to the two money back guarantees and the reduced price of only $997.00 (normal price $1,997.00!), the FIRST 20 purchasers will also receive TWO of Mr. Sheehan’s best-selling books on tax resolution AND access to a pre-recorded group implementation call on how to implement the TMP in your tax practice and start making money right away.

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