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By Patrick T. Sheehan, Former IRS Attorney

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I want to add thousands of dollars in regular, recurring monthly passive income to my bottom line. I understand that I can earn up to $1,200.00 PER TAX RESOLUTION CLIENT PER YEAR with a one-time investment of ONLY $1,997.00! I want to provide an extra service to my clients that other CPAs or tax resolution specialists haven’t even thought of.  

By completing this order form I will have immediate digital access to the IRS TRANSCRIPT MONITORING PROGRAM - PitBull or THS Edition - to implement in my business and begin making money from my existing clients. I acknowledge that this investment is RISK-FREE and backed by an unconditional one-year money-back guarantee when I properly follow and implement the program. 

Upon purchasing this program, I will have unlimited digital access to:

1. The IRS TRANSCRIPT MONITORING PROGRAM - PitBull or THS Edition - that will provide step-by-step instructions showing me how to quickly set up the program and to immediately begin making money from nearly every one of my tax resolution clients SPECIFICALLY AFTER THEIR CASE IS RESOLVED and my accounting clients. (VALUE $2,997.00)

2.All of the training videos that will teach me how to immediately implement the IRS Transcript Monitoring Program in my business. (VALUE $1,497.00)

3. The precise language I need to sell the IRS Transcript Monitoring Program to my existing clients on the telephone, in letters, in Zoom meetings or in face-to-face meetings. (VALUE $1,497.00)

4. ALREADY DONE FOR YOU letters, emails and engagement letters to send to your clients enrolled in the IRS Transcript Monitoring Program. (VALUE $1,497.00)

5. Detailed instructions on how to overcome nearly any client objection and get them to enroll in the IRS Transcript Monitoring Program (VALUE $497.00) which will substantially boost my profits while I sleep. (VALUE – PRICELESS).

6. 2-PART GUARANTEE. If, within 30 days of purchasing the IRS Transcript Monitoring Program I don’t like it for ANY REASON, I can return it for a full refund PLUS when I choose to keep the program and properly follow and implement the program and do not make a minimum of $1,200.00 from my tax resolution or accounting clients in the next 12 months, I will ask for and receive 100% of my investment, guaranteed!

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Patrick is a master at leading with value, overdelivering for his clients, closing sales and commanding fees commensurate with his experience, and his IRS Transcript Monitoring Program (TMP) is an example of that. Not only does it provide much needed post-settlement peace of mind for clients, it affords the practitioner monthly passive income to the bottom line which is unheard of in a tax, accounting or law practice. 
-- Michael Rozbruch, CPA, CTRS

“5 Stars! I love the idea of generating passive income using a product I’m already using (PitBull)! Leave it to Patrick to help his colleagues understand how to more effectively position ourselves as the true experts! This is well written, easy to understand, and is a missed opportunity if you don’t implement this immediately. This is the best business investment I’ve seen in a long time. I’m stunned with how brilliant this is!” 
-- Len Nelms, CPA

Definitely 5 Stars for any tax professional that is looking to expand their passive source of revenue after the close of a case. This easy-to-follow step-by-step guide will get your firm started on creating a recurring revenue stream that adds tremendous value to your resolution clients. This program takes the guesswork out of monitoring your clients’ transcripts!"
-- Shanyn Stewart, CFEd, EA
“This is a tremendous resource and plan for implementation. I’ve known a little about PitBull monitoring and I’ve wondered about turning this into another stream of revenue…. Patrick knocked it out of the park with this IRS Transcript Monitoring Program, it is a step by step “How To” guide to putting my existing tax infrastructure resources to work for me. The TMP comes complete with how to position TMP with the prospective client, get paid, and how to implement the program. 1 client will pay for the cost of the TMP book. 25 will pay my Son’s tuition! Thanks Patrick!”
-- Marc Enzi CFP®, EA
“I am AMAZED at this program. I am in tax resolution, and I have been looking for a program like this for a long time. This program will help me expand my company from a “one time” sales firm into a “passive income” that is ongoing from a monthly basis. This program is SUPER SIMPLE to put into place, and it will even update me BEFORE the IRS contacts my client. I know that it will add peace of mind to my clients! I am putting this into practice NOW!!!”
-- Ben Golden, President / CEO

When I purchase the IRS TRANSCRIPT MONITORING PROGRAM - PitBull or THS Edition - today, I will pay only $1997.00 to learn how to earn up to $1,200.00 in income PER TAX RESOLUTION CLIENT PER YEAR.  AS AN ADDED BONUS, I will have access to a pre-recorded ONE HOUR group implementation call (VALUE $597) with Former IRS Attorney and Tax Resolution Expert PATRICK SHEEHAN about the IRS TRANSCRIPT MONITORING PROGRAM along with a copy of each of his books, How to Permanently Solve Your IRS Problem and Divorce & Taxes.  (VALUE $45.00). TOTAL VALUE = $8,627.00

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Only $1,997 Today
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